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Electronics Tool Roll

  • £1495

The Curious Electric Company tool roll contains everything you need to get you soldering and build our range of electronic kits.

The tools roll is designed to be stylish, hard-wearing and easily portable - just roll it up and go!

Please note: There are two options here: the tool roll itself (with NO tools) at £14.95 and the tools roll with tools shown at £34.95.

The tools have been chosen as good-quality and long lasting items. There are lots more pockets if you need to add more tools.

The roll can be bought on its own (and you can supply the tools) or as a beginners soldering kit.

The beginners soldering kit contains the following:

  • Blue tool roll
  • Duratool 25W Soldering Iron UK Plug & 10g lead-free solder
  • Soldering iron stand
  • Solder sucker
  • Small-nosed Pliers - Draper Redline
  • Side cutters - Draper Redline
  • Pozi No 0 x 75mm  Screwdriver - Draper Expert
  • Flat 3mm x 75mm Screwdriver - Draper Expert
  • ESD-10 Tweezers

The roll also includes a Curious Electric key-chain mini-carabiner.

Please note: This kit is only available in the UK and the soldering iron comes with a UK plug fitted.

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