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Solar Motors

  • £400

A few different motors which have low-inertia motors, perfect for solar power applications. Most of these can be driven directly from our solar panels (but need a bit of light!).

We have a few different types, including:

  • Type A: Long axle 1-6V DC motor with 10-21 rpm gear box (slow moving!)
    • Rated voltage 1-6V
    • Enclosed gearbox
    • 20mA A at 3 V, stall current 40mA, 10 rpm
    • 40mA at 6 V, stall current 70mA, 21 rpm
    • Diameter is 32mm and the thickness is about 24mm.
    • The shaft length is about 65mm, the shaft diameter is 5mm, and there is a blind hole for the M3 screw at the end of the shaft.
    • Weight is about 29 grams
    • A 3v 100mA solar panel can drive this motor under good sunlight.
  • Type B: 1-6V. Around 300 rpm at 3V
    • Shaft length (total) 60mm and 2mm diameter.
    • Gearbox ration 12.1:1
    • Size: 40 x 40mm and 15mm thick.
    • 2mm holes for fixing.
    • Random colours (I have clear and pink...).

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